Put your little hand in mine…

Happy Groundhog Day!

I wish I could be hangin with Bill Effin Murray today, but I have tons of work to do.

I decided that I’d start writing a blog about my excursions to the 2nd hand stores. I seem to find a lot of funny, interesting, weird, spectacular, amazing finds. And on Twitter, I tend to write a nice little 140 characters commentary. Sometimes, that’s enough. Sometimes…there needs to be a bit more explaining.


My obsession with 2nd hand stores may have stemmed from when I was a young child and my mother would drag us to the Salvation Army 2nd hand store. Back then, 2nd hand stores were typically the bottom of the barrel, embarrassing, polyester duds, floral couches, beat up toys, and a few gems speckled here and there. Like when my mother found a Johnny Cash guitar book with his signature in it. I think she paid a few farthings for it! Or before their closure after the earthquake of 2001…my ex got his hands on a Spiderman #2 for 50 cents? Sold it for around $300 on ebay.

My ex-husband and I ran a toy & collectible shop called ‘Heroes for Sale’ back in 1999. It was when I was pregnant with my son, Anakin. We actually started the business out of the stuff in my mom’s basement who saved everything we had as children…down to all the cereal boxes! Yes…cereal boxes…her reasoning? She was going to cut out the UPC symbols so she could send away for things. That stack of cereal boxes ended up getting us a pretty penny with a paper goods collector.

It’s that feeling of finding gold that motivates the 2nd hand scourer. What would explain it best would be the episode of Amazing Stories called ‘Gather Ye Acorns’ that starred Mark Hamil as as young man who wouldn’t throw away anything because a little leprechaun told him not to. Then he became a rich millionaire in his later years.


It’s the “I wish my mom hadn’t given away all my comics, baseball cards, action figures, etc…” mentality to know that things that could help you in your later years have all gone. That missed chance. And mothers are still giving away those gold bricks to the 2nd hand store now.

I’m obsessed with that.

More than a feeling

2nd Hand scouring is more than just that feeling of finding gold. There’s other reasons to hit up the local Goodwill.

1.) To save money

I’m a crafter. I can’t always afford new craft supplies for projects. To cut costs on my crafts, there’s always someone who over stocked on Perler beads, yarn, crochet hooks, patterns, fabric, etc…I’m ALWAYS finding new craft supplies and 2nd hand stores help ease the pain of supply costs for the crafter trying to make their products more affordable for their customers.

2.) Style

I know, I know…you’d think that style wouldn’t come into account as I previously said that 2nd hand stores had a lot of polyester throwbacks…well, that probably won’t change any time soon…unless…what’s the shelf life of polyester fabric? Forever? But in all honesty times have changed…I’ve found some of the cutest clothes, brand new, at 2nd hand stores. I’m currently wearing a fabulous Charlotte Russe shirt that makes my tatas look FANTASTIC!

Boobie Wednesday
Get em checked!

3.) Something new every day

Self explanatory.

4.) Good Causes

Most 2nd hand stores tend to give back to the community. Whether it be educational training and jobs like Goodwill Industries or a foodbank like St Vincent De Paul’s in Bremerton. There was a point in my life when I found myself starting over again with 2 kids with very little. I walked into St Vinnies foodbank and they offered us a Thanksgiving dinner, and a table and chairs to put it on at no cost.

Be rest assured that having that kitchen table at Thanksgiving made all the difference. And I will always remember how much that meant to me and my children.

This blog is dedicated to that. Thank you to 2nd hand stores who’s purpose is to help the community.

Intro Over, Onto the Finds!

Posted here is the weird/awesomeness that I found on my Tour de 2ndChance on Feb 1st. I’ll post just a couple. Since I can’t visit 2nd hand stores every day of the year, I’ll do my best to post interesting stuff every day for a year. That’s the goal. 365 of 2nd Hand Goodies! I’ll post the day and place that I found them, if I bought the item…and maybe a few fun tidbits about the items.


And you thought tying a tie couldn’t be any more complex! Found at Silverdale Goodwill 2/1/2011 Purchased for $1.29 I love nerdy stuff. I will proudly wear this tie…if I can tie it.


Rest in Peace, Jack…your juice…used all of the fruit. Found at Bremerton St Vinnies 2/1/2011 Unpurchased $34.50 My grammy outlived Jack (She’s 96 this year as well…full of spit & vinegar and refuses to get a rascal scooter because “those are for old people”.)

I am off, everyone. REMINDER! Tonight! Goodwill Industries and Clutter Diet are hosting a #donateclutter event on Twitter from 9pm-11pm EST! (That’s 6pm-8pm PST?) Follow @SeattleGoodwill & clutterdiet and register for a chance to win declutter goodies!


About Caught 2nd Handed

I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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One Response to Put your little hand in mine…

  1. jenny says:

    Great blog. I have loved thrift stores ever since I was a little kid. I currently work at a local Goodwill. One thing some people don’t know is that many stores including Target send us items out of season or didn’t sell well in their store. For Target stuff look for tags that say T-wares.

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