Nintendo Power!

This post is about Nintendo finds!


I’ll kick this all off with my Nintendo story. My parents couldn’t afford a Nintendo when they came out. In fact, it was quite a while til we could get one. I’d go to the Bennett’s house down the road and we’d play there. It wasn’t until my sister and I saved our money that we were able to finally get a used one at a little shop that was where Albertson’s Gas Station in East Bremerton is now located. It was a little junk shop and I believe we were able to pick it up for $25(?) back then.

We didn’t have many Nintendo Cartridges, but we had the basics: Mario/Duck Hunt, Mario Bros 2, Mario Bros 3 and my favorite…Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular! There were a few others, but those were the most memorable ones.

I haven’t been able to start up my Classic NES, and I think it’s a part that will cost me about $15 to replace. 😦

Last year, I found a wireless Nintendo Controller with the box at a little 2nd hand store called Jacob’s Well. Well…Jacob is kind of a weird guy, but he has cool stuff. I was able to make him a package deal for the wireless controller and an entire Atari system with a ton of games and controllers.


Nintendo Wireless Remote Controller Purchased Early 2010 at Jacob's Well for Approx $5

Anakin is actually the inspiration for today’s blog. He ran up to me with two items at Bremerton Goodwill that I thought were pretty cool, but we passed on them because we had our eyes on other items. The nose on the Mario backpack just needed a bit of stitching. This was an item donated by Target (You will see these items say T-Wares on the tags). I kinda wished we had gotten the backpack. I doubt it’ll be there on Taxmus Friday, but we’ll be back to look for it.


Metroid Prime Game Cube Bobble Head $1.99 | Mario Plush Backpack $5.99

We did, however, decide to pick up a “new” Classic NES with a bevy of controllers.


Classic NES with 2 Turbo Pads ($14.99) Controllers ($2.99) Controller Port ($2.99) NES Gun ($3.99)

The fact that the NES had the cable adapter was awesome. I will have to use my AC Adapter from my old system (that would cost me about $15 to repair anyway!) I really hope this one works. I’ve wanted to share my old games with the kids. It’s really awesome that we have the Turbo Controller because that was the only way to get past the pole vault River Jump in Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular. That was the worst level!


Ugh....this level.

I’d love to post more Nintendo stuff if we could have found it. We were going to do more searching, but it was getting kind of late tonight and we were burnt out. Me from work, the kids from school. I’m sure I will do another blog subject about video games soon.

Bonus Finds:

We were able to find a few other items that we picked up. Anakin was very excited to find this set of 41 Brass Presidential coins for $9.99. We did a quick iPhone eBay search to find these going for $60-$100!!! He wants to hang onto them for a while so he can sell them when he’s older. Good investment lesson for Anakin.


41 Brass Presidential Coins $9.99

I was also able to pick up a vintage 1920’s Manning & Bowman Coffee Percolator for $9.99. I’m researching this percolator as some percolators can go for quite a bit on ebay. Unfortunately, the electric cord is missing. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if maybe someone might have seen it in the back room, or if it ends up in the cord bin.


1920s Manning & Bowman Percolator with enamel wood handles $9.99

That’s all for today! Kal-El picked up a DK Science Encyclopedia, and he’s reading all it’s sciencey goodness.

-Wendy Lady


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I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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3 Responses to Nintendo Power!

  1. Mark says:

    Another great blog. I love this one as I am a big nintendo fan.

  2. videogamedoc87 says:

    I really want to find an NES b/c my hubby was a Nintendo baby. He was born the same year Mario made his debut and has been playing for over 20 years. I’m hoping to find one to get him for his birthday this year.

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