Share the Love.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t gotten that special someone a gift, check out Goodwill’s Red Tag 50% off sale this weekend! Monday, All Red Tags are $1.29!!!!!!

Tomorrow, I encourage you all to donate to your local 2nd hand store 1 box of used items that could use a new home for someone to love.

It’s easy to fill one box full of things you don’t use anymore! Remember to donate to a 2nd hand store that loves it’s community!


THEN, when you are done doing that, wander the 2nd hand store and take pics, send them to me via Twitter (TwitPic) to @nerdrage42 I will post them on tomorrow’s blog for the 2ND HAND LOVE FEST!

Just a few finds today:

First off, Anakin bought these for himself a while back. I just love how he poses for pics. Plus he’s wearing a Jayne Cobb hat that I crocheted. My nerd legacy continues…

Pew Pew! Two Nerf Guns $2.99 each Bought by Anakin Jan 2011

This is ridiculous, I didn’t realize they made such a douchey toy. THE VISOR IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

Dancing Hamster $1.99 a Silverdale Goodwill on 2/09/2011

This is really cute…

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone at Bremerton St Vinnies $18.50

I wonder if that kid still has that haircut? Or is he like Family Ties’ Brian Bonsall and totally crazy looking?


Speaking of sad, this is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen (next to Brian Bonsall). Can you imagine the kid that had this on his wall? Why? A POLAR BEAR head…let alone a stuffed animal version? It’s just wrong.

OH NOEEEEEE!!!! Polar Bear head on Plaque Silverdale Goodwill $4.99 (?)

I look forward to seeing all your finds! Please send them my way by tomorrow night and I’ll post them on the blog! And as always, I welcome your comments!

-Wendy Lady

About Caught 2nd Handed

I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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6 Responses to Share the Love.

  1. Shanna says:

    Last minute Valentine’s Day tips are always welcome!

    Someone sent me this pretty funny one:

  2. jadecobain says:

    Hi, I found something awesome today. I got Star Wars The Force Trainer for my son Cobain. It was a t-ware red tag for 49.99, I only paid 1.29 for it. I looked up the retail price for it and it is originally 129.99 🙂

  3. jadecobain says:

    I use my phone to get online, I’m not really sure how to upload a pic here but here is my twit pic of it

  4. jadecobain says:

    Awesome 😀

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