Love Love Love!

I hope you all had a lovely love day! Thanks to the followers who donated to their local 2nd hand stores!

I wanted to share this great find that reader @JadeCobain found as a $1.29 Red Tag. Yes, this is the awesome Star Wars Force Trainer. It was $49.99 but she got it for $1.29 at her local Goodwill! Brand new in the store it retailed for $129.99. Such a lucky nab! Much love on this! The jealous kind of love.

Force Simulator Found by Reader @JadeCobain for $1.29 at her local Goodwill

Today’s LOVE story…I found this just before I started my blog and was waiting for the right moment to share it with you all.

Sidekicks VHS tape Silverdale Goodwill $.49 1/31/2011

It seems silly, but when this movie came out in 1992, I went to the theatre countless times every day after school to see it. I had a huge Bieber-esque crush on Jonathan Brandis. Though, when I was a kid it wasn’t as obnoxious…or was it? The Olympic Cinema (Which was known as Redwood Cinemas at the time) ended up letting me in to watch the movie after I had paid to see it over and over.

It’s such a silly movie. But I loved it.

So silly that it’s NEVER come out on DVD save for a printing in the UK? Not quite sure the details on that release. Well, I’d searched for the VHS forever. I saw it at a video store in Grays Harbor, WA a couple years ago and they refused to sell it to me. Then I found it at Bremerton Goodwill for $.99. That summer I was trying to make extra money to pay for my trip to San Diego Comic Con so my friend/co-worker Steve ended up offering me $5 for it. In my head, I thought I’d probably find it again one day.

Several months ago I was at the Silverdale Goodwill when I noticed a woman with a copy of SideKicks in her cart. I perked up and asked her if she was planning on picking it up and I shared my stupid teenager crush story…she still refused to give it up because she didn’t have that Chuck Norris movie. Ugh! Really?

Heartbroken and frustrated, I vowed that the VHS section would be the first stop I’d make at all 2nd hand stores to make sure I’d be the first to nab the movie. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I was getting to the end of the line when I saw it! I had to have it. I held onto that movie like I held onto a winning lotto ticket. It was worth that much to me!

Jonathan Brandis took his own life a few years ago. It’s a shame. But I wish that he knew that I thought his movies, as cheesy as they could be, really made an impact on my youth.


I passed on this wonderful find only because I already have a great photo printer. I really hope someone got a chance to pick this up so they can print out all their loving memories. It looks like it’s in great condition and you can still get ink “cassettes” for it online. It came with the disc for install.

Canon Picture Printer Red Tag Original $14.99 (Today $1.29) Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011

These were kind of funny, but I could never pull them off. Lady Gaga love only! For me…they’re a Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga Sunglasses Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011 (Unknown price)

My mom wanted to make sure I showed off this find that she found quite a while back. Don’t recall which shop we got it at, most likely Bremerton Goodwill. It still had all the pieces in tact in their original card. I love Star Trek…wish I had gotten it myself.

Star Trek Limited Edition Game Found by my mom at 2nd hand store Price Unknown.

I love this! I wish that my favorite bar, Winterland were still open, I’d have gotten this for them for Valentine’s Day.

Mount Gay Rum Tin Sign Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011 $9.99

We passed on this awesome alarm clock as it did not have an AC Adapter. But it was pretty neat looking. Apparently it shoots something onto the wall. Plus it’s a ROCKET! Rockets are cool. Love & Rockets…LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Rocket Alarm Clock Red Tag $4.99 ($1.29) Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011

Thanks for allowing me to show off all this 2nd hand LOVE!

Readers! Send me pics of your awesome finds! I’ll choose a few here and there. I can’t always go to the 2nd hand stores everyday, so your help is much appreciated! Thanks!

-Wendy Lady


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I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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