You say it’s your birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to Hi-Lo’s Cafe in Bremerton, WA! If you haven’t had a chance to have some Green Eggs and Ham in the back of a VW bus, come on down and order up some tasty breakfast or scrumptious lunch! Grab a mug and have some free trade coffee and marvel at the eclectic collection of lunchboxes and art!

Happy Birthday Hi-Los 15th Street Cafe!!! A new old Thermos for your museum Found for $4.99 at Silverdale Goodwill

Today I conveniently and with perfect timing, found this wonderful Thermos for their Thermos Museum. Come on down and check out the whole thing!

A wonderful Thermos Museum located at Hi-Lo's 15th Street Cafe

While having some French Toast at Hi-Lo’s, I ran into my good friend Robs who was ‘Caught 2nd Handed’ with a nice pair of Doc Martin shoes that she score for $.99 (Originally $49.99, color tag Monday!

Robs' Doc Martins Purchased at Bremerton Value Village for $.99!!!

I did a little hunting at St Vinnies (which is located just down the road from Hi-Lo’s…yet another good reason to be in the area). I always head to the craft section to see if there’s any good supplies and I ran into these beauties! There were a couple of Roller Skating patches that I had to grab. Note: Binary Code on patch at bottom left has a story…

Variety of Girl Scout Badges Found at St Vinnies for $.05 a piece on 2/15/2011

A few months ago I found my Girl Scout handbook and noticed that I had received the badge for Computing Fun. How appropriate! I have no idea where my badges or sash are, but I’d always thought it’d be cool to see this badge again. I love reading the requirements for getting the badge. I’m going to have to put this badge on something special. I wish they had more than just one of that one…I’d make some hair flower clips with the patch in the center. Which is what I plan to do with the others.

My original Girl Scout Handbook From sometime in the 80s.

I couldn’t pass up posting this framed pic…how weird is THIS!!!??? They don’t make’em like this anymore…and with GOOD REASON!!

Framed Pic of Naked Toddler drawing Powdering Her Face St Vinnies $1.50 2/15/2011

I did head out to Silverdale Goodwill today as well (which was when I found the Thermos). I was thinking about picking up this bacon watch to match my bacon wallet. Bacon is meat candy!!!

Bacon Watch Silverdale Goodwill $6.99 2/15/2011

I have some more finds to share that I actually did buy from Silverdale Goodwill. I will wait til tomorrow as I will be using them to construct a project. I’ll wait to unveil them until then.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

-Wendy Lady

About Caught 2nd Handed

I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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3 Responses to You say it’s your birthday!

  1. Thomas Beaber says:

    Bacon is win… 😉

  2. I’ll give you $2 for that toddler pic!!!

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