Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

I got a request from my BFF, Brandy to pick up the Naked Toddler Powdering her nose picture from St Vinnies that I blogged about, so I went down and picked it up! I gotta admit, it’s kinda cute. Anyone with any info about this picture or who actually did these, please let me know. I’d be interested to know the history behind them.

While I was nabbing that, I noticed a nice little find behind the counter that caught my eye…number one because it said SPACE CASE, and number two because it said FIGURE as in action figure. This was distributed by Sears and it contains the two inserts that you laid action figures in. There is currently a pair of these going for $14.99 + $12.95 shipping and there’s slight damage on those…this one is in fairly good condition with minor cracks on the trays.

Space Case for Action Figures St Vinnies 2/16/2011 $5.95

I ran across a couple pair of kids roller skates, but what attracted me to them was the fact that they actually have tags on them that say “Roller Derby”! (also on the wheels) Hooray for anything vintage that says Roller Derby!!!

"Roller Derby" Roller Skates St Vinnies 2/16/2011 $2.95 & $3.50

Today I needed to pick up some supplies for a button order for a customer. My supplier is in Seattle so I thought while I was out there, I might as well make my first visit to the Seattle Goodwill. I’d been to the Outlet before and found some interesting goodies there. I was excited to see what I could find!

First off, I found this smoking hot pair of shoes…that I couldn’t possibly wear. 😦 Dislocating my toe in Roller Derby has made it impossible to wear heels for more than 5 minutes at a time. But dang, these are cute! P.S. Don’t they look great with those socks I was wearing!!! hahaha.

Smokin Hot/Cute Heels $7.99 Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011

What kind of Star Wars fan would I be if I passed up this Star Wars Disco Album in CD version? I believe my ex and I had this on vinyl record at one point.

Star Wars Meco Disco Album (on CD) Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $2.99

I saw quite a few things in the collectibles area, including this great 7up Dispenser for kids.

Early 80's 7up dispenser Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $24.99

I yoinked these Treasure Craft Jars up at a price you can’t resist! Treasure Craft Jars are highly collectible! I’ve seen a few matching pieces to this set online and they are worth grabbing at the price they had on them. I could have waited til tomorrow to get them half off as they were blue tags, but it was worth it to me to pick them up today.

Treasure Craft 60's(?) jars Coffee ($3.99) Flour & Sugar ($4.99 each) Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011

I’d like to note that I almost cried at the cash register when the cashier clumsily put them in the bag all together without wrapping them. She clanked them around and I swear she was really close to breaking them. I cringed. I stopped her and asked for them to be wrapped. Then she half-assed wrapped them. I don’t normally complain about cashiers because being a cashier is harder than you’d think because you are on the front lines and deal with a lot. I’m not excusing this behavior, no…it was unacceptable. She really needed to be more careful and immediately noticed that they were a breakable item that obviously needed to be wrapped. *sigh*

And now to the title of this post…Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

First, in the collectibles department I saw this cute doll buggy. I wish I had little girls because this is such an adorable item. I’ve loved baby buggies since I was little. Not that I was a big baby doll fan, but the look of a buggy is really amazing.

Doll Buggy with faux(?) leather Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $24.99

Then as I was wandering the furniture area, I noticed this beautiful wicker baby buggy out of the corner of my eye. I walked over and immediately pulled out my iPhone eBay app to check out what an item like this would be worth at auction. I check out a couple items and with just a little bit of research, I was able to estimate $125-$500 pending a better investigation. The price was very reasonable considering it had no markings that I could see that would tell me who made it. The ones on eBay that were similar were from the early 1900s. It did not match the ones I’d seen on eBay, but I had one of my 30% off Goodwill coupons with me and I couldn’t pass it up at $69.99(plus 30% off).

Baby Buggy Some Wicker Damage Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $69.99(plus 30% off coupon=$48.99)

I will note that I do not believe the inserts (padding) are original, but I am researching it. The glass on the circular windows are in tact. I was thankfully able to disassemble it to fit it in my car (just barely). On my way back home, I noticed an antique dealer in the SoDo District and I sent them an email with a pic. They want more pics before they can give me an idea on the worth of this item. It’s a great piece and I can tell you just the sheer size of it makes it worth more than what I paid for it. Besides…my dog, a Min Pin named Braveheart, loves it! I may end up needing to keep it for a doggie bed!!!

Braveheart started growling when we tried to take him out.

What a good day for Goodwill Hunting! I got some great finds and I hope to start selling these items so I can make this blog and my trips worth it. If anyone is interested in any of the items I post, let me know and I’ll let you know when I get them up on eBay or Craigslist.

-Wendy Lady

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