Through Time and Space…itself!

It is no secret that my boys and I are big fans of Time Travel and Space. We love Doctor Who. But I got the idea for today’s blog with the find that I got at Jacob’s Well in Bremerton yesterday.

Time War 1979 Board Game Bought at Jacob's Well in Bremerton on 2/10/2011 for $2

Just at first glance, this game looks daunting. Lots of small pieces with symbols that I am confused by. But it looks like a fun challenging game that will be a blast to figure out.

I also found these beauties which, technically aren’t “time travel” but more time tales…unless you count Highlander 2 (The movie) where I think the Immortals are aliens? I forget…that’s such a crap sequel that I can’t bare to watch it all that often. I saw these yesterday at Silverdale Goodwill, but I had to wait until today to buy them. I got them for my mommy. She’s a big Highlander fan. (Hi Mom!)

Highlander TV Series (VHS) Ssn 1-5 & The Raven $4.99 Ssn 6 $2.99 Silverdale Goodwill 2/11/2011

Where else to look for Time Travel items than the book section! I was looking for Jules Verne since it was recently his birthday, but I found this interesting tale instead.

Island in the Sea of Time Novel Silverdale Goodwill 2/11/2011 (I think paperbacks are $.99?)

Don’t think I forgot about the Creme de la creme…

Back to the Future VHS Silverdale Goodwill on 2/11/2011 $.49

I already have this on VHS, DVD and soon to be blueray. This is by far one of my favorite childhood movies. I can quote it all day long. My sister’s Roller Derby name that we chose is “Smack to the Suture” and her number is 1.21GW. I remember before this came out on DVD, I had to BEG my kids to watch it with me. They mocked me because it was on this OLD VHS tape. They did this same thing with Ghostbusters…then…when they watched it, they wanted to watch it over and over and over again. Since then, the kids TRUST me when I say they NEED to watch certain movies. Even if they are on VHS.

I passed up this DVD,  but I think someone should go pick it up. The price is right and the condition is pristine. I am a big fan of the original movie and I love the idea of being able to travel through a portal to visit other places in space. Visiting the unknown is always an interesting subject for the human race. I think that’s why there’s so many Sci Fi movies and shows out there about the subject.

Stargate SG-1 Ssn 1 Silverdale Goodwill 2/11/2011 $4.99

If you are traveling through Time and Space, it is essential to have the right tools. One thing you need to know about is the stars. Types, constellations, positions…it’s all important.

Stars Guide Silverdale Goodwill 2/11/2011 $.99

You can also bring along a Stellarscope to align the position of the stars so you can figure out what date it is once you’ve time traveled. Not so helpful if you are not on Earth.

Stellarscope Silverdale Goodwill 2/11/2011 $3.99

Okay friends…trying to get this posted in time by midnight. It was a long day…I got my tax return and spent way too much on something that I shouldn’t have…Wonder Woman MAC Make-Up.

MAC Wonder Woman Limited Edition Makeup Way too Expensive

Gawd, they’re beautiful.

I need to start selling more of my custom buttons. They call it make-up because I need to make up for the fact that I spent too much on it.

-Wendy Lady

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Today was kind of a random day for the Tour de 2ndchance. But to accompany the Bill Nye the Science Guy game that we found a couple days ago, I found this video as well…SIGNED!

Science Rules! Bill Nye 'Outer Space' VHS Bought on 2/10/2011 $.49

This is the book that Kal-El got yesterday during our Bremerton Goodwill visit. He’s been reading it non-stop.

DK Science Encyclopedia Bought at Bremerton Goodwill on 2/09/2011 for $.79

Here is a cool find for someone to pick up if they want it. It’s a great science toy to teach your kids about science topics such as propulsion & air pressure.

Stomp Rocket Found at Silverdale Goodwill on 2/10/2011 $4.99

Some kids love bugs, Kal-El HATES them…he’s deathly afraid of ladybugs. But he kinda likes butterflies…tolerates them. I really hope we end up with more entomologists as we need people to study and figure out why the bees are dying off. Thought this was cool that you send away for live caterpillars and food.

Butterfly Pavilion Found at Silverdale Goodwill on 2/10/2011 for $5.99

More Finds

I passed on this bike as cool as it was. I really like the old style bike, but I want an actual old bike. This was a hard temptation to pass on. Someone came back to pick it up. I really hope they enjoy it!

Huffy Old Style Bicycle Found at Silverdale Goodwill on 2/08/2011 for $59.99

This is the weirdest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen. Period. And yes…that’s a cigarette hanging from the duck’s mouth.

Mexican Duck with Cigarette Found at Bremerton St. Vinnies on 2/10/2011 for $12.50

That’s it for today. I also stopped off at Jacob’s Well and picked up a few other goodies. He has decent prices for his stuff. I’ll share those finds another time. It’s getting late.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Please throw down some comments.

-Wendy Lady

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Nintendo Power!

This post is about Nintendo finds!


I’ll kick this all off with my Nintendo story. My parents couldn’t afford a Nintendo when they came out. In fact, it was quite a while til we could get one. I’d go to the Bennett’s house down the road and we’d play there. It wasn’t until my sister and I saved our money that we were able to finally get a used one at a little shop that was where Albertson’s Gas Station in East Bremerton is now located. It was a little junk shop and I believe we were able to pick it up for $25(?) back then.

We didn’t have many Nintendo Cartridges, but we had the basics: Mario/Duck Hunt, Mario Bros 2, Mario Bros 3 and my favorite…Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular! There were a few others, but those were the most memorable ones.

I haven’t been able to start up my Classic NES, and I think it’s a part that will cost me about $15 to replace. 😦

Last year, I found a wireless Nintendo Controller with the box at a little 2nd hand store called Jacob’s Well. Well…Jacob is kind of a weird guy, but he has cool stuff. I was able to make him a package deal for the wireless controller and an entire Atari system with a ton of games and controllers.


Nintendo Wireless Remote Controller Purchased Early 2010 at Jacob's Well for Approx $5

Anakin is actually the inspiration for today’s blog. He ran up to me with two items at Bremerton Goodwill that I thought were pretty cool, but we passed on them because we had our eyes on other items. The nose on the Mario backpack just needed a bit of stitching. This was an item donated by Target (You will see these items say T-Wares on the tags). I kinda wished we had gotten the backpack. I doubt it’ll be there on Taxmus Friday, but we’ll be back to look for it.


Metroid Prime Game Cube Bobble Head $1.99 | Mario Plush Backpack $5.99

We did, however, decide to pick up a “new” Classic NES with a bevy of controllers.


Classic NES with 2 Turbo Pads ($14.99) Controllers ($2.99) Controller Port ($2.99) NES Gun ($3.99)

The fact that the NES had the cable adapter was awesome. I will have to use my AC Adapter from my old system (that would cost me about $15 to repair anyway!) I really hope this one works. I’ve wanted to share my old games with the kids. It’s really awesome that we have the Turbo Controller because that was the only way to get past the pole vault River Jump in Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular. That was the worst level!


Ugh....this level.

I’d love to post more Nintendo stuff if we could have found it. We were going to do more searching, but it was getting kind of late tonight and we were burnt out. Me from work, the kids from school. I’m sure I will do another blog subject about video games soon.

Bonus Finds:

We were able to find a few other items that we picked up. Anakin was very excited to find this set of 41 Brass Presidential coins for $9.99. We did a quick iPhone eBay search to find these going for $60-$100!!! He wants to hang onto them for a while so he can sell them when he’s older. Good investment lesson for Anakin.


41 Brass Presidential Coins $9.99

I was also able to pick up a vintage 1920’s Manning & Bowman Coffee Percolator for $9.99. I’m researching this percolator as some percolators can go for quite a bit on ebay. Unfortunately, the electric cord is missing. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if maybe someone might have seen it in the back room, or if it ends up in the cord bin.


1920s Manning & Bowman Percolator with enamel wood handles $9.99

That’s all for today! Kal-El picked up a DK Science Encyclopedia, and he’s reading all it’s sciencey goodness.

-Wendy Lady

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Don’t get bored, get BOARD games!

Today I dropped by the Silverdale Goodwill after work to get some inspiration for today’s blog. I always get a friendly response from the people who work at the Silverdale Goodwill. They are some of the nicest people. One of the gals who works there let me know that they all got wind of my blog and she got to read it and likes it! I am giving her and all of the employees at Silverdale Goodwill a big HIGH FIVE right now! (High five back at me in the comments if you’re reading)

While there at the Silverdale store, I happened upon the board games & nabbed Bill Nye the Science Guy’s “Way Cool Game o’ Science”!

Bill Nye the Science Guy game Found at Silverdale Goodwill on 2/8/2011 Bought for $1.99

You do know that Anakin is the biggest 12 year old science freak on the face of the earth. He wants to be an astronomer when he grows up. Totally cool profession!

I had to pick up a game for Kal-El too, and he loves dinosaurs so I picked him up the Monopoly Junior Dig’n Dinos version. Cutie pie set it up immediately. Really, he is thrilled in this pic, although he doesn’t look it. I also found him a replacement copy of the Zathura board game that he had when he was very young. He loved that movie so much that he played with the board game to the point of destruction. I knew that I’d find it again at a 2nd hand store…it was just a matter of time.

Monopoly Junior Dino version purchased for $1.49 | Zathura board game purchased for $1.99 Both on 2/8/2011

Which brings me to the point of this blog. What are you all doing there watching TV? Can I suggest something? Choose at least one night of the week and play a board game! It brings social interaction with your family members, which you can’t get from sitting in front of the television. Don’t get me wrong, I love me my TV! But you gotta admit…family relationships are more important.

I challenge you all to head to your local 2nd hand store and pick up a game or a puzzle. And trust me, there’s lots there!

Games currently on the shelf at Silverdale Goodwill as of 3:00pm 2/8/2011

I don’t work for Goodwill, but I do like their store. I like their layout, their service, their causes, their people and their prices. I shop at other stores and yard sales, but I really do give them a lot of credit for what they do.

And if you don’t think you can get good games, check out these puppies that I’ve gotten in the past.

Classics like YAHTZEE!!!

Ooooh Gold Sparkly Dice.

1995 Limited Edition of Monopoly.

Do not pass go, DO pick up this classic game.

It wouldn’t be one of my blogs without super nerdy games!

As seen on Star Trek The Next Generation.

Anakin kicked my butt at this. I thought I knew way more than he did about Star Wars

Clue is more fun when murder weapons are donuts.

There’s not just games, but plenty of puzzles as well:

Make puzzles a hobbit! (bad pun)

Brand the box, unopened!

So pick up your favorite game today and set it up! There’s a board game for everyone.

Kal-El setting up the Zathura board game.

Thanks guys! Please comment! What’s your favorite game? Have you found any good deals on board games at 2nd hand stores? I’d like to see pics of the oldest game you’ve found at a 2nd hand store. Or even the weirdest.

-Wendy Lady

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Oh my gawd, shoes!

I’m a fan of shoes. So as a reminder…watch Kelly sing OMG, Shoes. Warning kiddies…swears.

I thought I’d post a few shoes that I’ve picked up lately. 2nd Hand stores have some of the best shoes that people have bought, worn once and then left in their closet because they just can’t pull it off. I’d buy a few pairs of high heel’d fancies…if not for my toe that I dislocated during Roller Derby (surprisingly painful, 2 years later).

Fortunately…I’m weird enough to pull off a lot of crazy shoes.

My personal favorite are Converse shoes:

The Con is on

The Con is on! Converse shoes bought at Goodwill(s) various prices.

I’ve owned a lot of Converse shoes over the years, and they are by far my favorite because they are comfy, casual and can be worn with any of your day clothes or if you’re a nerd like me, with anything. P.S. The Doctor Wears Converse:


Doctor Who's Shoes

Side note: I bought Anakin a pair of new Who shoes for his Halloween costume. Look how adorable he is. Chucks are cool.

Anakin Who


You should check the 2nd hand stores for Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. They are fairly inexpensive (ranging from approx $7-$20 or less), those who donate them tend to not be fans so they’re hardly worn or they are just crazy designs that they didn’t wear in the first place.

These next pair of shoes ARE NOT Converse, but look-a-like high top Chucks that I found. Silvery!

Silver High Tops

--------------Silver High Tops, Bought at Silverdale Goodwill for $7.99 Jan 2011.-------------- Fly me to the moon!

When I was in high school, I sewed a futuristic silver Chinese inspired dress. I wore it with fishnets. Which, at the time in 1995-96(?) was only worn by Tank Girl and hookers….I was more Tank Girl. I imagined myself in the distant future…the year 2000, wearing it with silver Chucks. But back then they didn’t make them. So, I spray painted my forest green Cons with silver paint. Who’d have thought my predictions would come true and I’d find a pair that were exactly what I was looking for! Too bad this girl who borrowed it, ran off with my dress. (Betch)

My youngest son, Kal-El is a big Captain America fan. He dressed as Cap for Halloween this year and was Aaaaaaa-dorkable.

Kal-el as Cap

The face of a hero

So when I stopped by the Bremerton Goodwill about 2 weeks ago, to look for curtain rods, I couldn’t pass up these beauties. They were slightly worn, and a size 8 mens, which is about one size too big for Kal-El (he actually wears the same size as me), but he insisted on getting them because he’d grow into them. He proceeded to wear them to school the next day, despite the fact that they are a little bit ginormous!

Captain America

Captain America Shoes. $5.99 Bought at Bremerton Goodwill Jan 2011

If I could pry these off his feet, I’d probably be wearing them. Lucky kid. Maybe I’ll find a pair on eBay. I’ve seen them on there starting at about $15 and up.

A couple years ago, I saw these “Moon Boots” at Value Village. They are a ladies size 8 (one size too small for me) But I had to have them. Anything futuristic…I like. I wore them when I went to Roller Con in 2009 with my handcrafted fanny pack dress (pic above in the header of my blog). They did not agree with my dislocated toe. 😦

Moon Boots

Adidas Moon Boots Purchased from Bremerton Value Village for $9.99 Summer 2009(?)

And lastly, I thought I’d share with you these crazy, what I can only describe as, “house boots”. They’re glorified slippers…but I love them. As stupid as they are, I had to have them.


Boots with the Fur, Purchased for 30% off (coupon) of $19.99 at Silverdale Goodwill Jan 2011

Well, that’s all for today! I think my next pair of shoes I’ll be scouring for is a pair of Doc Martin’s. I’ve seen them in various forms, but I’m looking for a pair of calf or knee high Docs. I saw them a couple weeks ago at Bremerton Value Village, but I think they wanted $50. That’s just not in the budget. VV…stop asking so much for donated shoes.

-Wendy Lady

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B*t€hes Get Stitches

Today I thought I’d share a little pastime of mine that I’ve been doing off and on. Repurposing geeky teeshirts for a little hobby biz that I run on the side called Geeky Boutiquey. 2nd hand stores are THE BEST for finding gently used geeky tees.

Here’s just a small sampling of some of the tees that I’ve found at 2nd hand stores:

Various Tee Shirts, From 2nd Hand Stores Anywhere, anytime. Priced at around $.99+ each.

I’m sure we all have that tee in our closet that is pretty cool, but sometimes lacks a certain luster that won’t allow you to wear it on special occasions. Wearing a Spiderman tee to classy occasions is ususally unheard of…unless it looked like THIS:

Spiderman Blouse Repurposed from 2 tees and remnants of another tee purchased at Silverdale Goodwill for $.99 and a piece & lace from a dress bought at Bremerton Value Village for $.99.

Spidey Pockets

Lace detail from the dress purchased for $.99 at Value Village. Similar pattern design to the Toby Mcguire Spiderman costume.

Next up is a freehand piece that I made out of 3 Pirate themed tees. A sexy low cut, sling back blouse. Dare to grab the booty in this getup?

Repurposed from 3 $.99 tees from various 2nd hand stores.

It occurred to me that some of my readers would like to know how to repurpose their own tees. Well…done right, repurposing teeshirts can be made with the same loving care and stitches that they had originally been made with.

I’ve been lucky enough to find some wonderful tools at 2nd hand stores, which I will share with you, but it’s not always easy to find these very important tools. (Not impossible)

At the very LEAST, you need a basic sewing machine. I purchased this brother brand sewing machine from a retail store, but I’d look around Ebay or even the 2nd hand stores for a basic one. It’s not impossible to find basic sewing machines from 2nd hand stores.

Next up is a Serger sewing machine. If you are serious about sewing teeshirts, you will need one of these. Serger machines are THE VERY BEST for sewing stretchable fabric, but also, they make professional stitches. You can turn anything you are wearing, inside out and see the wonderful clean look that they give.

I bought my Serger for about $800 (?) last year with my Taxmus Return. I love it. This one has an additional feature to sew the “cover stitch” that you see at the bottom of teeshirts. You really do need that feature for stretchable wear.

Serger Sewing Machine

If you are planning on scouring 2nd hand stores for a Serger sewing machine, or any sewing machine, I recommend bringing some thread cones, scrap fabric and a pair of scissors to test out your finds. Most 2nd hand stores have little stations that you can plug in electronics to test out.

Regardless if the machine has been tested out, take your machine in to be looked at by a professional to make sure you haven’t missed anything or even just for a little tune up. Serger machines, especially should be serviced regularly to make sure all the parts are properly lined up and oiled.

One good tip is to buy a can of air duster to blow away all your fabric bits. Blowing the bits away with your breath can add moisture to the metal parts which can cause them to rust. Yup…I did not know this. Look for rust on the metal bits.

Also, take a Serger class. Many places offer them. Do a Google search for your area’s local sewing machine shop or fabric store.

2nd Hand Sewing Finds

I’ve owned a Designer’s Curve before…but I snapped it in half and had to ghetto it up and tape it with packing tape. That SUCKS! They can be pricey. But today, I was very happy to find a complete set of guides to properly mark arm holes, hips and inseams.

Designer’s Curves Found on 2/6/2011 at Bremerton Goodwill. Purchased for $.99 each.

One of my friends works at the Silverdale Goodwill and he let me know when I walked in that they had gotten a seamstress’s fitting mannequin in. I think I wasn’t able to buy it at the time, as it was $70. I had to wait a whole week to decide on whether I’d buy it or not. It is a valuable tool. I believe I purchased it at half off when that color tag went on sale. Thankfully it was still there when I came back. I’ve utilized this for many of my sewing projects.

In addition to owning these tools, I’d keep an eye out for thread cones for Serger sewing machines. They last a long time. Beginners tend to think they need to buy every color in the spectrum. I recommend buying red, white, black and blue. If you need a specialty color, keep an eye out at the 2nd hand stores. A lot of times, people will buy the color, use it once and then donate it.

Also, look for fabric remanents in the tapestry section and craft section of your 2nd hand stores. There’s a lot of nice fabric donated every day. I also pick up vintage 80s bedsheets. In high school I made a dress out of Star Wars bedsheets. I still wear it when I fight my foes.  As you can see…I become a mighty warrior when I wear this dress…meet Nerd Rage. Roller Derby girl, of geeky death!!!

Nerd Rage...mightier than Supes!

If you’d like to know more about repurposing tees. A couple of great books would be Generation T & their follow up book, Generation T: Beyond Fashion. You can buy them from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Generation T Book

Thanks for reading today’s blog! As always, I welcome your comments!

-Wendy Lady

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Pedal to the Metal…

Hello ladies and gents! Today after work, I decided I’d stop by the Silverdale Goodwill just for a look around. Lots of goodies at Goodwill today and quite a crowd taking advantage of the 50% off pink tags.

I walked past a nice couple who’d obviously had a busy day with two carts full of finds, but they were adding this lovely gem to their collection. Online, this pedal car is going for $237!!!

Metal Pedal Car Found on 2/05/2011 at Silverdale Goodwill Purchased by other customers for $29.99<—-I’m totally jealous!

In the collectibles section of Goodwill, I found this autograph lovingly signed “To Carlos” from Alex Hyde-White from his role on Roger Corman’s version of the Fantastic Four. He also starred in the original Battlestar Galactica in 2 episodes as Cadet Bow. Now, if I had thought to buy it, I may have made a pretty penny as this autograph on Amazon is going for $75!!!

Alex Hyde-White Fantastic Four Autograph Found at Silverdale Goodwill. Unpurchased $9.99<——-AWESOME! If anyone can afford to pick this up, just send me a finders fee if you sell it for big bucks! 😉

My father was able to attend the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. I think back to all the souvenirs he could have nabbed when he was there, and this may have been something he would have grabbed. I didn’t grab this from the collectibles case either, but not for not wanting to! I’m sure I could have turned it around for a few more dimes as I was able to do a few searches on my iPhone and found a variety of (higher) prices. Most places did not have the original paper sleeve, so I wonder how much that raises the price? Anyone know, feel free to leave a comment.

1962 Seattle World’s Fair Vinyl Record Found 2/05/2011 at Silverdale Goodwill Unpurchased for $9.99

And last but not least…why not bandage those booboos with the healing power of FISH!

Sushi Bandages Found on 2/05/2011 at Silverdale Goodwill Purchased for $.99

I bet these would look great worn with a crocheted Twinkie Chan’s Sushi Scarf! (Note: I actually found the green for the seaweed at Silverdale Goodwill for $1.99!)

Twinkie Chan's Sushi Scarf!

Check out her book (above link) It’s fantastic, colorful and makes me hungry.

Thanks for reading today’s blog! Please comment and if you live close and want any of the goodies above, please take a look at the Silverdale Goodwill!

-Wendy Lady

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