Adventure Time!

I don’t know what I was really looking for today. I had work today which was non-stop customers from the moment we opened. My brain went to mush by the time I got off work.

I suppose the delirium caused me to aimlessly wander Bremerton & Silverdale Goodwills with no sense of purpose or time. Kal-El was my lighthouse. Wearing his Finn hat (from Adventure Time), he pointed out some fun randomness.

Stegosaurus toy Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $3.99

He’s a dino fan, so of course it runs his life.  He knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. He always corrects me whenever I mispronounce dino names. He’s also a big fan of Godzilla and this video was picked out of the massive collection of VHS tapes.

Godzilla 1985 VHS Tape Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $.49

I think we have this one on DVD? Oh Godzilla…how we love you so.

Wonder Woman Works Here Plastic Desk Weight(?) $1.99

HA! Brandy…I didn’t buy it…even though it says Wonder Woman on it!

Nerd No More teen novel Bremerton Goodwill 2/12/2011 $.79

I don’t agree with the message this book sends out. I do, however, agree that this kid is completely a nerd. (Nerd for LIFE is the name of my book)

Roller Skate My Scene box Bremerton Goodwill 2/12/2011

I picked up this box as I needed a place to put all my Roller Derby stickers, buttons and patches. Would love to pass this onto my kids/grandkids with all those memories.

And to finish off this day…I’m taking to heart this kitschy figurine…in that I could really use a drink.

Figurine Bank Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $2.99

I’d like to thank my son, Kal-El for wandering with me today. Sometimes going aimlessly leads you into the most interesting things. You just have to open your eyes.

-Wendy Lady

About Caught 2nd Handed

I'm an avid 2nd hand fan! I'm constantly scouring local 2nd hand stores. This blog started on Feb 2nd 2011 and I plan to share 365 Days of Weird & Wild & Awesome 2nd Hand Store Finds!
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1 Response to Adventure Time!

  1. ha ha. Are you sure you didn’t buy it? That was funny. Thanks for the shout out. ha ha

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