2nd Hand DVDs for Sale

I have some DVDs for sale. Who might be interested? I’m super broke, I don’t want to get ripped off by FYE. Which…I would. But you shouldn’t!

Here’s a list w prices:

Heroes(tv) 1-3 $30 (or $10 each)
Sleeping Beauty Spcl Ed $12
Man Who Fell to Earth (David Bowie movie Criterion w/book) $15 =SOLD=
Little Miss Sunshine $5
Little Nicky $3
Pineapple Express $5
Superman II $3
The Stand $12
Cannibal the Musical $7
EuroTrip $4
Killer Klowns $4
Moulin Rouge (2 disc) $10
Equilibrium $4
Enchanted $8
Borat $3
High Fidelity $5
License to Drive (w the 2 Coreys!) $4
500 Days of Summer $5
40 Year Old Virgin $4
Let the Right One In $7
D.A.R.Y.L. $8
The Fog (original) $3
Land of the Lost (Will Ferrell) $6
Amazing Stories (tv) $15
The Office 1-2 & The Special (UK) $30
The Office Ssn 1 (US) $4
Powerpuff Girls Ssn 1 $8
Nightmares & Dreamscapes $7
Metalocalypse 1&2 $25
Twilight $5
Grosse Point Blank $5
To Kill a Mockingbird $7
30 Rock Ssn 2 $8
I Love You, Beth Cooper $6
Enemy Mine $4
Dogfight (River Pheonix) $3
Catch Me if You Can $3
Clean Slate $3
The Hangover $7
Big Nothing $3
Jumper $5
Dude Where’s My Car $5
Bucket List $7
American Wedding $2
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession $4
Hot Shots 1 & 2 (combo DVD) $6
Hellboy 1&2 $8
Idle Hands $4
Gremlins 2 $4
I, Robot $4
The Langoliers $9
Hara Kiri (Criterion Collection) $18 =SOLD=
The State (tv) $20

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Whussup Homie!

Today’s topic, Home Decor!

A few weeks ago I got on a kick and felt the need to spice up my house a bit. 2nd hand stores are the best for finding decorative touches for your house. If you keep looking, you will find the perfect pieces for your home design.

2nd hand stores have lamps, pictures, knick knacks, curtains, fabric, pillows, etc…

When trying to decorate my living room to match the spring green walls I’d just painted, I was able to find these to fill the blank walls. I had gotten the flowers at Michaels on clearance…less than a buck a piece? Not really a 2nd hand find, but a good clearance find! (I apologize for the lighting in these pics, the skies are overcast and there’s not good light this morning)

Wall scroll $2.99 Wicker Decorative Balls $2.99 Green floral filler $.99(?) Silverdale Goodwill 2/2/2011

The next day I’d gone back to do a return, and I ran into the other wall scroll that had been tucked away somewhere. These are really nice. I think they came from Pier One? Or at least from a place similar.

Wall scroll Silverdale Goodwill $2.99 2/03/2011

I stopped by the St Vinnie’s Annex which is where they keep all their furniture. I like to go in there on occasion. I’m usually able to find some sort of household item, like lightswitch covers for $.10-$.50 a piece or a piece of furniture or a bike. But I hit the jackpot as I had been looking in retail stores for the right pair of tall chairs for our kitchen island. There happened to be 3 at the annex and one of them was damaged. I think these chairs retail for $40-$75 a piece? At least similar ones do.

2 Tall kitchen (bar) chairs $18.50 a piece St Vinnie's Annex 2/2/2011 We'll eventually get the kitchen reconstructed, it's in a state of disassemble right now.

I’d like to talk about yard sales in today’s blog. I can smell yard sale season just around the corner. The spring rain is starting to come out, but eventually we’ll get some nice weather which is followed by some nice deals.

Anakin and I were Yard Saleing and we ran across a liquidation (hoarders) yard sale. I think the woman was just trying to get rid of stuff and would probably give it away if she wasn’t trying to make a little profit for her time and energy. We saw this great velvet painting with one of our favorite themes…PIRATE SHIPS! YARRRRR!

Velvet Pirate Painting Found Yard Saleing Summer 2010 $.50!!!

I was originally going to deconstruct this wreath for hair flowers, but it ended up looking great on our wall. So I decided to keep it.

Wicker Wreath Found Yard Saleing Summer 2010 $.50!!!

I hit a great yard sale that summer also where we scored a BRAND NEW desk and side table for Anakin’s room! Let’s see…yes, that’s Kal-El’s Christmas Story Leg Lamp on the desk. He loves that movie.

Computer Desk (new in box) $30 Yard Sale Summer 2010

The matching side table is where Anakin keeps all his geeky goodies 🙂 My handmade crocheted Chao doll from Sonic the Hedgehog, the Perler Bead box I made for his birthday, Evil Genius Book, Super Mario Galaxy 2 guide, lightsaber, wii Nunchuck, and deep within the nook, there’s a gold wii controller. I love my geek kids!

Printer Table/Side Table $10 Yard Sale Summer 2010

And if you don’t believe you can find gold for free, check out this awesome coffee table that I found BY THE DUMPSTER at my old apartment building. I’m not a dumpster diver, by any means, but I couldn’t pass this up. It was originally a beat up off-white and the glass top(?) was missing. I painted it up and replaced the handles on the drawers. It’s so cute! (Note, this is sitting on my TV cabinet in our storage before we moved and it looks like a monster!!!)

Infinity Coffee Table Found Spring of 2009 By Apartment Dumpster FREE!!! Paint & Embellishments = $20(?)

I think I’m the queen of making found stuff look awesome. At least in my own mind. I know I promised a couple days ago that I’d post the find that I got at Silverdale Goodwill. I plan on doing a tutorial on being crafty with found items. I’ve had a couple button orders to fulfill and a trip to Seattle that I had to make for supplies, so I’ll be getting on that craft project ASAP.

And yes, I realize this blog is a little late…but it’s posted! I’ll get the other post up tonight!

-Wendy Lady

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

I got a request from my BFF, Brandy to pick up the Naked Toddler Powdering her nose picture from St Vinnies that I blogged about, so I went down and picked it up! I gotta admit, it’s kinda cute. Anyone with any info about this picture or who actually did these, please let me know. I’d be interested to know the history behind them.

While I was nabbing that, I noticed a nice little find behind the counter that caught my eye…number one because it said SPACE CASE, and number two because it said FIGURE as in action figure. This was distributed by Sears and it contains the two inserts that you laid action figures in. There is currently a pair of these going for $14.99 + $12.95 shipping and there’s slight damage on those…this one is in fairly good condition with minor cracks on the trays.

Space Case for Action Figures St Vinnies 2/16/2011 $5.95

I ran across a couple pair of kids roller skates, but what attracted me to them was the fact that they actually have tags on them that say “Roller Derby”! (also on the wheels) Hooray for anything vintage that says Roller Derby!!!

"Roller Derby" Roller Skates St Vinnies 2/16/2011 $2.95 & $3.50

Today I needed to pick up some supplies for a button order for a customer. My supplier is in Seattle so I thought while I was out there, I might as well make my first visit to the Seattle Goodwill. I’d been to the Outlet before and found some interesting goodies there. I was excited to see what I could find!

First off, I found this smoking hot pair of shoes…that I couldn’t possibly wear. 😦 Dislocating my toe in Roller Derby has made it impossible to wear heels for more than 5 minutes at a time. But dang, these are cute! P.S. Don’t they look great with those socks I was wearing!!! hahaha.

Smokin Hot/Cute Heels $7.99 Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011

What kind of Star Wars fan would I be if I passed up this Star Wars Disco Album in CD version? I believe my ex and I had this on vinyl record at one point.

Star Wars Meco Disco Album (on CD) Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $2.99

I saw quite a few things in the collectibles area, including this great 7up Dispenser for kids.

Early 80's 7up dispenser Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $24.99

I yoinked these Treasure Craft Jars up at a price you can’t resist! Treasure Craft Jars are highly collectible! I’ve seen a few matching pieces to this set online and they are worth grabbing at the price they had on them. I could have waited til tomorrow to get them half off as they were blue tags, but it was worth it to me to pick them up today.

Treasure Craft 60's(?) jars Coffee ($3.99) Flour & Sugar ($4.99 each) Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011

I’d like to note that I almost cried at the cash register when the cashier clumsily put them in the bag all together without wrapping them. She clanked them around and I swear she was really close to breaking them. I cringed. I stopped her and asked for them to be wrapped. Then she half-assed wrapped them. I don’t normally complain about cashiers because being a cashier is harder than you’d think because you are on the front lines and deal with a lot. I’m not excusing this behavior, no…it was unacceptable. She really needed to be more careful and immediately noticed that they were a breakable item that obviously needed to be wrapped. *sigh*

And now to the title of this post…Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

First, in the collectibles department I saw this cute doll buggy. I wish I had little girls because this is such an adorable item. I’ve loved baby buggies since I was little. Not that I was a big baby doll fan, but the look of a buggy is really amazing.

Doll Buggy with faux(?) leather Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $24.99

Then as I was wandering the furniture area, I noticed this beautiful wicker baby buggy out of the corner of my eye. I walked over and immediately pulled out my iPhone eBay app to check out what an item like this would be worth at auction. I check out a couple items and with just a little bit of research, I was able to estimate $125-$500 pending a better investigation. The price was very reasonable considering it had no markings that I could see that would tell me who made it. The ones on eBay that were similar were from the early 1900s. It did not match the ones I’d seen on eBay, but I had one of my 30% off Goodwill coupons with me and I couldn’t pass it up at $69.99(plus 30% off).

Baby Buggy Some Wicker Damage Seattle Goodwill 2/16/2011 $69.99(plus 30% off coupon=$48.99)

I will note that I do not believe the inserts (padding) are original, but I am researching it. The glass on the circular windows are in tact. I was thankfully able to disassemble it to fit it in my car (just barely). On my way back home, I noticed an antique dealer in the SoDo District and I sent them an email with a pic. They want more pics before they can give me an idea on the worth of this item. It’s a great piece and I can tell you just the sheer size of it makes it worth more than what I paid for it. Besides…my dog, a Min Pin named Braveheart, loves it! I may end up needing to keep it for a doggie bed!!!

Braveheart started growling when we tried to take him out.

What a good day for Goodwill Hunting! I got some great finds and I hope to start selling these items so I can make this blog and my trips worth it. If anyone is interested in any of the items I post, let me know and I’ll let you know when I get them up on eBay or Craigslist.

-Wendy Lady

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You say it’s your birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to Hi-Lo’s Cafe in Bremerton, WA! If you haven’t had a chance to have some Green Eggs and Ham in the back of a VW bus, come on down and order up some tasty breakfast or scrumptious lunch! Grab a mug and have some free trade coffee and marvel at the eclectic collection of lunchboxes and art!

Happy Birthday Hi-Los 15th Street Cafe!!! A new old Thermos for your museum Found for $4.99 at Silverdale Goodwill

Today I conveniently and with perfect timing, found this wonderful Thermos for their Thermos Museum. Come on down and check out the whole thing!

A wonderful Thermos Museum located at Hi-Lo's 15th Street Cafe

While having some French Toast at Hi-Lo’s, I ran into my good friend Robs who was ‘Caught 2nd Handed’ with a nice pair of Doc Martin shoes that she score for $.99 (Originally $49.99, color tag Monday!

Robs' Doc Martins Purchased at Bremerton Value Village for $.99!!!

I did a little hunting at St Vinnies (which is located just down the road from Hi-Lo’s…yet another good reason to be in the area). I always head to the craft section to see if there’s any good supplies and I ran into these beauties! There were a couple of Roller Skating patches that I had to grab. Note: Binary Code on patch at bottom left has a story…

Variety of Girl Scout Badges Found at St Vinnies for $.05 a piece on 2/15/2011

A few months ago I found my Girl Scout handbook and noticed that I had received the badge for Computing Fun. How appropriate! I have no idea where my badges or sash are, but I’d always thought it’d be cool to see this badge again. I love reading the requirements for getting the badge. I’m going to have to put this badge on something special. I wish they had more than just one of that one…I’d make some hair flower clips with the patch in the center. Which is what I plan to do with the others.

My original Girl Scout Handbook From sometime in the 80s.

I couldn’t pass up posting this framed pic…how weird is THIS!!!??? They don’t make’em like this anymore…and with GOOD REASON!!

Framed Pic of Naked Toddler drawing Powdering Her Face St Vinnies $1.50 2/15/2011

I did head out to Silverdale Goodwill today as well (which was when I found the Thermos). I was thinking about picking up this bacon watch to match my bacon wallet. Bacon is meat candy!!!

Bacon Watch Silverdale Goodwill $6.99 2/15/2011

I have some more finds to share that I actually did buy from Silverdale Goodwill. I will wait til tomorrow as I will be using them to construct a project. I’ll wait to unveil them until then.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

-Wendy Lady

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Love Love Love!

I hope you all had a lovely love day! Thanks to the followers who donated to their local 2nd hand stores!

I wanted to share this great find that reader @JadeCobain found as a $1.29 Red Tag. Yes, this is the awesome Star Wars Force Trainer. It was $49.99 but she got it for $1.29 at her local Goodwill! Brand new in the store it retailed for $129.99. Such a lucky nab! Much love on this! The jealous kind of love.

Force Simulator Found by Reader @JadeCobain for $1.29 at her local Goodwill

Today’s LOVE story…I found this just before I started my blog and was waiting for the right moment to share it with you all.

Sidekicks VHS tape Silverdale Goodwill $.49 1/31/2011

It seems silly, but when this movie came out in 1992, I went to the theatre countless times every day after school to see it. I had a huge Bieber-esque crush on Jonathan Brandis. Though, when I was a kid it wasn’t as obnoxious…or was it? The Olympic Cinema (Which was known as Redwood Cinemas at the time) ended up letting me in to watch the movie after I had paid to see it over and over.

It’s such a silly movie. But I loved it.

So silly that it’s NEVER come out on DVD save for a printing in the UK? Not quite sure the details on that release. Well, I’d searched for the VHS forever. I saw it at a video store in Grays Harbor, WA a couple years ago and they refused to sell it to me. Then I found it at Bremerton Goodwill for $.99. That summer I was trying to make extra money to pay for my trip to San Diego Comic Con so my friend/co-worker Steve ended up offering me $5 for it. In my head, I thought I’d probably find it again one day.

Several months ago I was at the Silverdale Goodwill when I noticed a woman with a copy of SideKicks in her cart. I perked up and asked her if she was planning on picking it up and I shared my stupid teenager crush story…she still refused to give it up because she didn’t have that Chuck Norris movie. Ugh! Really?

Heartbroken and frustrated, I vowed that the VHS section would be the first stop I’d make at all 2nd hand stores to make sure I’d be the first to nab the movie. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I was getting to the end of the line when I saw it! I had to have it. I held onto that movie like I held onto a winning lotto ticket. It was worth that much to me!

Jonathan Brandis took his own life a few years ago. It’s a shame. But I wish that he knew that I thought his movies, as cheesy as they could be, really made an impact on my youth.


I passed on this wonderful find only because I already have a great photo printer. I really hope someone got a chance to pick this up so they can print out all their loving memories. It looks like it’s in great condition and you can still get ink “cassettes” for it online. It came with the disc for install.

Canon Picture Printer Red Tag Original $14.99 (Today $1.29) Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011

These were kind of funny, but I could never pull them off. Lady Gaga love only! For me…they’re a Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga Sunglasses Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011 (Unknown price)

My mom wanted to make sure I showed off this find that she found quite a while back. Don’t recall which shop we got it at, most likely Bremerton Goodwill. It still had all the pieces in tact in their original card. I love Star Trek…wish I had gotten it myself.

Star Trek Limited Edition Game Found by my mom at 2nd hand store Price Unknown.

I love this! I wish that my favorite bar, Winterland were still open, I’d have gotten this for them for Valentine’s Day.

Mount Gay Rum Tin Sign Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011 $9.99

We passed on this awesome alarm clock as it did not have an AC Adapter. But it was pretty neat looking. Apparently it shoots something onto the wall. Plus it’s a ROCKET! Rockets are cool. Love & Rockets…LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Rocket Alarm Clock Red Tag $4.99 ($1.29) Bremerton Goodwill 2/14/2011

Thanks for allowing me to show off all this 2nd hand LOVE!

Readers! Send me pics of your awesome finds! I’ll choose a few here and there. I can’t always go to the 2nd hand stores everyday, so your help is much appreciated! Thanks!

-Wendy Lady

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Share the Love.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t gotten that special someone a gift, check out Goodwill’s Red Tag 50% off sale this weekend! Monday, All Red Tags are $1.29!!!!!!

Tomorrow, I encourage you all to donate to your local 2nd hand store 1 box of used items that could use a new home for someone to love.

It’s easy to fill one box full of things you don’t use anymore! Remember to donate to a 2nd hand store that loves it’s community!


THEN, when you are done doing that, wander the 2nd hand store and take pics, send them to me via Twitter (TwitPic) to @nerdrage42 I will post them on tomorrow’s blog for the 2ND HAND LOVE FEST!

Just a few finds today:

First off, Anakin bought these for himself a while back. I just love how he poses for pics. Plus he’s wearing a Jayne Cobb hat that I crocheted. My nerd legacy continues…

Pew Pew! Two Nerf Guns $2.99 each Bought by Anakin Jan 2011

This is ridiculous, I didn’t realize they made such a douchey toy. THE VISOR IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

Dancing Hamster $1.99 a Silverdale Goodwill on 2/09/2011

This is really cute…

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone at Bremerton St Vinnies $18.50

I wonder if that kid still has that haircut? Or is he like Family Ties’ Brian Bonsall and totally crazy looking?


Speaking of sad, this is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen (next to Brian Bonsall). Can you imagine the kid that had this on his wall? Why? A POLAR BEAR head…let alone a stuffed animal version? It’s just wrong.

OH NOEEEEEE!!!! Polar Bear head on Plaque Silverdale Goodwill $4.99 (?)

I look forward to seeing all your finds! Please send them my way by tomorrow night and I’ll post them on the blog! And as always, I welcome your comments!

-Wendy Lady

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Adventure Time!

I don’t know what I was really looking for today. I had work today which was non-stop customers from the moment we opened. My brain went to mush by the time I got off work.

I suppose the delirium caused me to aimlessly wander Bremerton & Silverdale Goodwills with no sense of purpose or time. Kal-El was my lighthouse. Wearing his Finn hat (from Adventure Time), he pointed out some fun randomness.

Stegosaurus toy Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $3.99

He’s a dino fan, so of course it runs his life.  He knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. He always corrects me whenever I mispronounce dino names. He’s also a big fan of Godzilla and this video was picked out of the massive collection of VHS tapes.

Godzilla 1985 VHS Tape Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $.49

I think we have this one on DVD? Oh Godzilla…how we love you so.

Wonder Woman Works Here Plastic Desk Weight(?) $1.99

HA! Brandy…I didn’t buy it…even though it says Wonder Woman on it!

Nerd No More teen novel Bremerton Goodwill 2/12/2011 $.79

I don’t agree with the message this book sends out. I do, however, agree that this kid is completely a nerd. (Nerd for LIFE is the name of my book)

Roller Skate My Scene box Bremerton Goodwill 2/12/2011

I picked up this box as I needed a place to put all my Roller Derby stickers, buttons and patches. Would love to pass this onto my kids/grandkids with all those memories.

And to finish off this day…I’m taking to heart this kitschy figurine…in that I could really use a drink.

Figurine Bank Silverdale Goodwill 2/12/2011 $2.99

I’d like to thank my son, Kal-El for wandering with me today. Sometimes going aimlessly leads you into the most interesting things. You just have to open your eyes.

-Wendy Lady

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